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Haptic Device



Simple Thimble is an open-source and low-cost project to build your own VR-enabled force feedback device. It is designed to be easy to assemble and use, and can be used with Unity virtual environment development platform. Moreover the 3D models for this device can be downloaded from this guide and 3D printed at home!

Haptic Device


  • Open-source: All the hardware and software components are open-source, so you can customize the device to your needs.

  • Low-cost: Simple Thimble is designed to be affordable, so anyone can build their own force feedback device.

  • Easy to assemble: The device is designed to be easy to assemble, so you don’t need any special tools or skills.

  • Compatible with Unity: Simple Thimble is compatible with Unity virtual environment development platform, so you can use it while developing virtual world applications.

  • Force feedback: Simple Thimble provides realistic force feedback, so you can feel the environment in virtual reality.